SELMBNIY (2019) (2 of 2)  16”x"16” metal print.

SELMBNIY (2019) (2 of 2)

16”x"16” metal print.

Artist Statement

I write computer code that generates images. Specifically, I combine generative mathematical explorations with pseudo-random numbers generated by a computer. This combination of computer code and randomness result in an image of the consequences of pushing randomness through a rigid rule structure. My practice draws inspiration from understanding the consequences of interconnected and simple rules, resulting in intricate and subtle visual compositions. Although created on a computer, typically, my finished artwork wants to live in the real world as a print on metal.

The design phase of my process starts in my head or a sketch pad and is then translated into a generative process. Random numbers, generated by a computer, directly control many of the visual parameters for each of my pieces. By creating rules that a computer follows deterministically and combining with randomness, I create beautiful, unique, and chaotic visual results. In the end, there is a delicate balance between having complete control of the algorithmic composition and letting randomness destroy the visual. As an artist, I find endless inspiration through toying with this balance.