Detail of  FXKACMKB  (2016) 30x30 inches on Aluminum

Detail of FXKACMKB (2016) 30x30 inches on Aluminum

Artist Statement

I write computer code that generates art by turning algorithms and mathematical explorations into a visual consequence of the input. This code results in large-scale, computer-generated prints that display the tense visual expression forged from pushing randomness through a rigid rule structure. My practice draws inspiration from understanding the consequences of interconnected and simple rules, resulting in intricate and subtle visual compositions. My artwork is not complete until they are actualized in the real world, either through producing a large-scale digital print under acrylic or using a mechanical arm to produce physical drawings and paintings.

The design phase of my process starts in my head or a sketch pad and is then translated into a generative process -- this is the most important and difficult step. By creating rules that a computer follows deterministically, I can create beautiful, unique and chaotic results. Randomness is a fundamental aspect in every piece that I create. Random numbers, generated by a computer, directly control many of the visual parameters for each of my pieces. In the end, there is a dance between my having complete control over the algorithmic structure of the composition, and my releasing control over the visual specifics that are determined by randomness. As an artist, I find endless inspiration through having and relinquishing control.