Born in London and raised in Texas, I have not had a typical path in life -- and this trend does not appear to be in danger of changing anytime soon. Since I was a small child I have had an intense interest in art and aesthetics. When I was twelve I spent my life savings to buy a piece of art pottery during a trip to Santa Fe that I fell in love with (and that I still display in my home). Trips to museums and galleries were a necessary destination during my travels all over the world.

For my undergraduate degree, I attended Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, TN and triple majored in physics, mathematics, and philosophy; graduating magna cum laude with honors in physics in 2005. After university, I moved to San Diego, CA to attend UC San Diego for graduate school; graduating with a PhD in astrophysics in 2011. My career as an academic researcher continued with three year postdoctoral position at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. My research led me to a few of the world's largest optical telescopes at observatories at mountaintops in Hawaii and in the remote Atacama desert in Chile. I was sent back to Chile for a month to star in an IMAX documentary called Hidden Universe.

After three years as an astrophysicist, I decided to make the transition into the technology industry as a Data Scientist, in the heart of the tech industry: Silicon Valley. Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014, I was awarded an Insight Data Science Fellowship where my final project was estimating the hammer price of Abstract Expressionist artwork being sold at auctions. I then began working as a Data Scientist at a boutique consulting firm. Recently, I authored a screencast course for O'Reilly Media Jupyter Notebook for Data Science Teams.

My peripatetic path to creating art has taken me many directions from years of glassblowing to my current obsession with computational generative art. I feel incredibly lucky that my work with computing and astrophysics data for over a decade translates into skills that allow me to broadcast the visions in my head into visual output in the real world.